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Senior Care in Nocatee FL

Four Techniques to Avoid When You Want to Get Extra Help for Your Senior

It’s difficult when you know that your senior needs extra help but she refuses. You might want to put your foot down and lay down an ultimatum, but is that likely to work? There are actually several different techniques that you should really avoid if you want to convince your senior to accept help from senior care services.

Treating Your Senior as if She’s a Child

Infantilizing your senior is always a bad idea. And if you’re acting like the parent, telling your senior what to do, that’s probably not going to go over as well as you would like it to. Talk to your senior as an equal adult, even if cognitive changes are taking place. Offer your senior the same dignity that you would any other person making difficult choices.

Nagging Doesn’t Work

Your senior might not be making the choices that you want her to make, and that’s part of life. If you’re trying to force her to go with the choices you prefer by nagging her about them, that’s also not going to go how you want. More often than not, seniors tend to dig in their heels and stick even more firmly to the decisions that you don’t like.

Letting the Conversation Get Out of Hand

Conversations in which you and your senior disagree may become heated, especially if you’ve had a tenuous relationship in the past. If you’re trying to win her over to your ideas, letting the conversation get out of hand works against your goal. Learn when to back away and to give her space to think about what you’ve said. That’s going to serve both of you much better in the long run.

The Dreaded “I Told You”

Most people, including your senior, hate hearing the words “I told you” even if that’s an accurate statement. Crowing over being right doesn’t help your senior and it doesn’t help your relationship with her. Commiserate with your elderly family member instead when you turn out to be the one in the right and offer to help her to find solutions that might help. That’s going to go a lot farther with your senior.

It might take your senior a while to agree with you that solutions like senior care providers are a good idea. You might have to be a lot more patient than you expect, and that takes a lot of effort.

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