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Could a Sense of Purpose Keep Your Dad More Active?

Since retirement, your dad's hobbies and activities have continued to decline. He used to head out to the golf course at least once per week, but it's been months since he's gone. He sits at home and watches TV all day. His doctor said he needs to exercise to help improve his health.

Studies show that a sense of purpose helps older adults stay more active, which improves muscle strength. If your dad has a reason to get up and be active, he's going to improve his mental and physical health.

How Does a Sense of Purpose Improve Quality of Living?

What is your dad's motivation for staying healthy? Does he have any reason for staying active and healthy? In the Health and Retirement Study, adults between the ages of 51 and 61 were studied for a year. Their health was a part of the study, and the other key area focused on was what they felt their purpose was in life.

At the end of the study, those who had a strong sense of purpose had lower incidences of diabetes, depression, and insomnia. The results also showed that those who felt they had a purpose were more likely to engage in activities inside and outside the home.

Getting Your Dad to Feel Like He Has a Purpose

What can you do to make your dad feel like he has goals and a purpose in life? Volunteering is one of the best ways. If others are relying on him for something, he's going to feel important.

He could volunteer by reading books to young children at the library. He might find he enjoys volunteering at the hospital. Encourage him to sign up as a volunteer for things like that. If he can't drive or is advised to avoid public areas due to health issues, he can volunteer at home doing things like transcribing old letters for museums.

Encourage Activity By Hiring Home Care Providers

You may not be around your dad all day, but he can have a caregiver help him stay active. Caregivers can encourage him to go for daily walks with them. Home care aides can set him up with a hobby he enjoys and make sure he engages in that activity each day.

Talk to a specialist in home care to learn more about the prices and services in your area. Once you know what services will most help your dad, you can schedule services.


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