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Four Questions to Ask During American Diabetes Month

Prediabetes is a condition when your blood sugar level is high but not high enough to qualify as diabetes. It needs to be taken seriously as it can progress to diabetes. If your dad has prediabetes, it's time to address dietary and lifestyle changes.

If he has diabetes, it's essential to make sure he's taking care of himself. Type 1 diabetes is often diagnosed as a juvenile, but it can be diagnosed later in life. But, type 2 diabetes is found in many older adults.

American Diabetes Month is an excellent time to look at the facts. An estimated 26.8 million older adults had diabetes in 2020. That's almost double the estimate (14.3 million) from 2018. In addition, approximately 88 million adults have prediabetes.

It's time to learn more about your dad's health. Here are four questions to ask your dad and his doctor about his diabetes risk.

What Is His Care Plan?

If your dad is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he may not need to take insulin. It comes down to how well his blood sugar levels are managed by a healthy diet, weight loss, and exercise.

You should find out how often he should check his blood sugar levels. Ask if he needs prescription medications at all, or if he will ever need insulin. Get the care plan printed out and make sure it's available in a convenient location.

Is He Overweight?

Of those who are diagnosed with prediabetes, 89% were also diagnosed as being overweight or obese. If your dad needs to lose weight, supporting him in his weight loss goals is critical.

To lose weight, he needs to avoid processed foods and snacks and meals that are high in sugar and saturated fat. He needs to focus on a meal that includes a lot of vegetables, fiber, lean proteins, dairy, and fruit. Fiber is extremely important when it comes to weight loss and feeling full for longer.

What Foods Should He Avoid?

Some foods are horrible choices when you have diabetes. Your dad needs to know what they are. He's likely going to need to give up ice cream, cookies, candy, and other baked goods. His doctor may advise him to limit things like dates and potatoes. Ask if he can work with a dietitian to come up with healthy meal plans.

How Well Does He Follow His Doctor's Instructions?

What if your dad has diabetes and isn't taking care of himself as well as he should? With personal care at home aides assisting him, he'll eat the right foods, get enough exercise, and take medications as directed. Arrange personal care at home today by making a call.


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