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Elder Care in Nocatee FL

Tips to Keep a Senior Citizen’s Stress at a Minimum

If your elderly loved one is constantly becoming stressed over one thing or another, it's important to take steps to reduce their worry. There have been many research studies done throughout the years to show which strategies work the best to lower stress levels. Your elderly loved one can use some of the strategies mentioned below to keep their stress to a minimum. You or a home care provider can help them implement these ideas.

Planning Strategies

Does your elderly loved one seem to get stressed when they are planning things such as appointments or events? Maybe, they even get stressed when planning out their day. If this is happening, it would be beneficial for them to implement strategies when they are planning anything. Some of these strategies might include:

Making a to-do list

Prioritizing everything on the to-do list starting with the things that are most important
Categorizing things in their to-do list and picking the most important tasks from each category
These strategies have helped many others overcome and lower their stress. If needed, you or an elder care provider can help your loved one learn how to best make a to-do list based on these strategies.

Having Items Handy

Does your elderly loved one get stressed when they are away from home? Maybe, they got overwhelmed the last time their home care provider took them to the grocery store because they didn’t have snacks and they were hungry. Your elderly loved one may also get stressed because they aren’t sure whether they will get cold or be uncomfortable while walking around in public.

You can help them to be more prepared for situations out of their house. Some of the things that you or an elder care provider may want to have handy for your elderly loved one include:

  • A sweatshirt
  • Tissues
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • A blanket
  • Set of lighter clothes

If you can keep these items handy for your elderly loved one, they can stop worrying so much about what might happen or what they might be forgetting when they go into town.

Stick to Regularly Scheduled Doctor’s Appointments

Does your elderly loved one get really stressed when they go to the urgent care? Why are they going to the urgent care? Is it for a condition that could be managed through regular doctor’s visits. If so, you or a senior care provider can ensure that your elderly loved one gets to their doctor regularly for the care they need. This can help to reduce their stress related to unexpected urgent care visits.


With these tips, you and elder care providers can help to keep your elderly loved one’s stress to a minimum. If you or the elder care provider suspect your elderly loved one’s stress is becoming too much, have them see their doctor.


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