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Senior Home Care in St. Augustine FL

Top Tips for Maintaining Good Blood Pressure Levels

High blood pressure is one of the leading health issues for senior citizens. Are you a family caregiver for an elderly person? If so, it is very important to learn how they can lower their blood pressure and maintain that lower level.

Proper Fitness

Research shows that elderly people can maintain a good blood pressure if they workout. Elderly people should do their best to exercise for a minimum of 150 minutes every week. Does your elderly loved one have any mobility problems or other health issues that interfere with their ability to exercise? If so, they should still try to be active as much as they possibly can. If your elderly loved one maintains a good fitness schedule, they could lose some weight. Studies show that every 1 lb. lost is 1mm Hg lower in blood pressure.

Lower Salt Intake

How much salt is your elderly loved one taking in every day? Research shows that elderly people should be taking in less than 2,300 mg. of salt daily. One of the best ways to help your elderly loved one achieve this goal is to have them stick to the DASH diet. This is a diet plan that includes foods such as poultry, low-fat dairy foods, fish, whole grains, and vegetables. Each of the foods that go onto your elderly loved one’s diet plan will be low in salt. If needed, you can hire senior home care providers to help your loved one track their salt intake and lower it, as well.

No Alcohol or Smoking

Does your elderly loved one drink alcohol? Are they are smoker? If they do either of these things, it could increase their blood pressure significantly.

Even 2 to 3 alcoholic beverages can raise blood pressure. Smoking clogs arteries which can lead to increased blood pressure.

It can be difficult to break these habits. However, you can have your elderly loved one see their doctor. There are many programs and treatments that can help a person to quit drinking or smoking. If needed, you can hire senior home care providers to remind your loved one to take medications their doctor prescribes to help them stop smoking or drinking.


These are some of the best tips for maintaining good blood pressure levels. If you are caring for your elderly loved one and you are concerned about their blood pressure, don’t hesitate to have them see their doctor. The doctor can recommend other tips they believe will help your elderly loved one.


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