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Personal Care at Home in Jacksonville FL

Personal Care at Home For Seniors With Alzheimer's

Taking care of a senior parent with Alzheimer’s can be tough, especially when it comes to personal care. If your senior loved one doesn’t recognize you or doesn’t understand what you’re trying to do when helping them get dressed, shower, or shave, they can become very frightened or even aggressive. Personal care at home for seniors with Alzheimer’s can take the stress off of family members when it comes to making sure their senior loved ones are clean, well-cared for, and getting dressed each day. With personal care at home, seniors with Alzheimer’s can still have their dignity.

Home care providers that help seniors with Alzheimer’s have training and experience dealing with difficult situations. Here are a few of the ways personal care at home can help your senior parent with Alzheimer's:

Reducing Fear

A care giver who has been trained in methods of reducing fear and aggression in seniors with Alzheimer’s won’t be offended or upset if your senior loved one is scared of them or becomes aggressive with them. They know proven techniques that can help calm seniors with Alzheimer’s and reassure them that they are safe and won’t be harmed. Using those techniques can make it easier for your senior parent to get the help they need with personal care.


There are lots of methods that can be used to redirect a senior with Alzheimer’s who is becoming angry or belligerent. And trained care givers know a variety of methods so that they will always have something they can try if one method isn’t working. That means that your senior loved one will always have a patient and calm care provider who won’t react to any aggression or anger shown by your senior loved one. They may even be able to teach you some techniques that you can use in a pinch.

Creating Trust

When a care giver is helping seniors with sensitive tasks like showering, getting dressed, shaving, or using the bathroom it’s important that they have the trust of your senior loved one. Even if your senior parent doesn’t recognize them they need to trust them. A trained care provider knows how to build trust with a senior that may be wary of them. They will explain what they’re doing, and use proven methods to built trust and connection to make your senior parent feel safe.

Prioritizing Safety

It’s always a challenge to keep seniors safe when they have Alzheimer’s. But a care provider that has training in how to safely help seniors move out of a wet shower, or out of bed, or how to help them go to the bathroom will be able to keep your senior parent safe in all kinds of potentially dangerous situations. Their training and experience gives them the knowledge they need to assess any situation and figure out what the best approach to helping your senior loved one is.

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