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Safely Enjoy that Family Reunion with Your Parent

Many families plan their family reunions for summer when people’s schedules are often a bit more open and the kids are out of school. It can be an annual tradition or one that occurs less frequently, such as every five or ten years. Either way, it’s a much-anticipated event, especially for the older members of your family who get to catch up and visit with family that perhaps they haven’t seen in years.

And while your aging parent might be very excited about that upcoming reunion this month, it’s best to set some expectations on things you’ll want to consider before spending an entire day out at a park with family.

While many people love lots of social interactions, if your parent has become more isolated and has had less socializing in recent years, being surrounded by dozens of well-meaning but very talkative family members may get to be overwhelming. Talk to your parent before you attend to find out who he really wants to connect with so that you make sure those connections are made early in the event. If talking with Uncle Joe is a priority, connect your parent with Uncle Joe before he loses steam so he can enjoy that time together. If your parent is afraid of hurting your feelings by saying he really isn’t all that interested in playing with the grandkids, maybe enlist a home care assistance provider to get honest answers when you’re not around. Sometimes that can be easier for your parent.

You’ll also want to find out about the venue. If you’re at a park somewhere, are there restrooms close by that your parent will be able to use (especially if he has physical limitations)? Is there a well-shaded area so your parent doesn’t have to sit in the sun all day? Will there be plenty of hydrating drinks or do you need to bring your own?

What your parent wears will also be important. Home care assistance can pick out clothes that will be appropriate for the weather of the day and then pack extras just in case a change of clothes is needed. Don’t forget to also pack up a hand-held fan for cooling and an umbrella to protect against rain or sun.

If your parent has any dietary restrictions, remember to ask about the menu. You’ll want to know if you need to bring any specific foods or avoid anything on the menu before you go.

Finally, don’t forget to take lots of photos while you’re there, especially if your family reunions only happen every several years. The photos can be a great way to keep your parent reminded of who is who. It can be hard to remember the names of every grandchild and having a photo of them on hand will help your parent keep those memories alive after the reunion. Other family members will also love to have photos of your parent, not knowing when they’ll see him again so think about having a place you all can share your photos online and then individually decide which ones to print and keep.

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