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Motivation Tips To Get Your Senior Moving More

One of the things that doctors tell seniors most often is that they need to move more. There is a huge set of benefits that seniors get from being more active. Better mobility, better mental health, lower risk of major diseases, and better sleep are just a handful of the benefits that come from regular activity. But still it can be difficult to get seniors moving. Use these tried and true motivation tips to get your senior loved one to be more active and get healthier:

Find Out Why They Don’t Want To Exercise

There may be a valid reason why your senior loved one doesn’t want to be more active but they just haven’t told you about it. They may not want to admit that they are having trouble with their balance, or that their feet hurt all the time. If there is a reason why they are avoiding exercise you can address it together. Sometimes just getting new shoes for working out can solve the problem. Or buying warmer workout clothes so they can walk outside. In other cases they might need to change their medication to decrease their pain. Ask questions to find out what’s really going on so you can help fix the problem.

Find Them A Workout Buddy

Very few people like exercising alone. It’s not fun. And seniors may worry about exercising alone because they are afraid of what will happen to them if they are alone and become injured or fall. A home care assistance provider who can help your senior loved one exercise safely is the perfect workout buddy. Home care assistance providers will show up every time they are scheduled and keep your senior loved one motivated to get moving.

Try Something New

It could be the case that your senior loved one just isn’t interested in any of the activities that are currently available to them. Ask them if there is something that they would like to try doing that they haven’t done before. Maybe get them some golf lessons, or a membership to a tennis club, or a pool membership and some swimming classes. Seniors can thrive once they find a physical activity that they actually like doing. And don’t assume that your senior loved one can’t handle an activity like swimming or tennis. There are classes designed to be senior friendly that will give them just the right amount of intensity.

Sneak In Extra Steps

If your senior loved one really doesn’t want to exercise you can motivate them to get more active by making it a game to sneak in extra steps each day. Buy fitness trackers for both of you that track steps and you can challenge your senior loved one to get 7,000 steps per day or more. There can be prizes for the one who hits the target the most during the week. Or you can challenge your senior loved one to walk an extra lap around the grocery store. Making exercise a game will make it more fun for you and your senior loved one.

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