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Elder Care in St. Augustine FL

Embrace Positivity to Be a Better Family Caregiver

To be the best possible family caregiver, you need to stay positive. Caregiving is hard work, and it's emotionally draining when it's your mom and dad in need of help every day. How do you stay positive when you're feeling tired and stressed?

Eat Right and Stay Hydrated

A healthy diet helps you mentally and physically. Essential nutrients like B vitamins and iron can make you feel tired if you're not getting enough of them. Antioxidants from fruits and vegetables help your immune system. If you're feeling energized, you'll find it easier to be positive.

Aim for four or five servings of produce every day. Add in lean proteins, fiber, and dairy. You want the vitamin D and calcium from dairy and fortified juices and cereals.

While you're eating the right foods, make sure you drink plenty of water. A reasonable goal is two liters per day.

Get Enough Exercise

Make sure you get enough exercise each day. It boosts the hormones in your body that help you feel happy. Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Try to reach that goal. If you can exceed it and feel up to doing more, don't feel restricted to that half-hour minimum.

When getting daily exercise, make part of it a trip outside for fresh air. Talk a walk. If you're near nature trails, that's ideal as nature is soothing. Some days, mix up other exercises like weight training, swimming, and aerobics.

Realize You Can't Win Every Battle

It's important to know you won't always win. Your dad hasn't showered in three days. When you try to convince him, he argues with you. You feel helpless and extremely frustrated. Sometimes, you can't win a battle, and that's okay.

Parents don't always like relying on their adult children for help. They also hate having those same children telling them what needs to get done and when to do it. It will cause some frustration and anger.

Learn to pick your battles. Your dad won't shower again, but maybe he'd like to sit in a bubble bath. You've accomplished something if you can get him into a bath.

Take Breaks Before You Breakdown

Stay positive by making sure you never feel overwhelmed. Talk to an elder care agency about a service designed to give you the breaks you need. Respite care is a great way to have time off from helping your parents. Arrange elder care visits regularly.

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