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24-Hour Home Care in Nocatee FL

Is Your Mom Okay Being Alone at Night?

Does your mom do well on her own at night? With many of the chronic conditions older adults face, insomnia can impact a good night's sleep. If your mom is waking in the middle of the night, who supports her with her care needs?

Risks of Being Left Alone

As a family caregiver, you make sure your mom has dinner. You get her settled for the night, and you go home. What happens when you leave? She may go to bed and sleep through the night, but sleep disturbances are common in the elderly.

If she has a chronic condition like arthritis and gets up in the middle of the night, is she at risk of falling? Would she have a way to call for help, or is she alone until you arrive the next morning?

Alzheimer's is increasingly common, and it's very likely that she's not sleeping through the night. It's not surprising to find someone with Alzheimer's sleeping only a couple of hours at night. Would she wander away if you weren't at her house?

You may share a home with her. But, are you getting enough sleep if she's waking you up during the night. If you're not getting seven or eight hours of sleep, lack of sleep is linked to other health issues like heart disease and lower cognitive function.

She May Not Like Being Alone

There are risks to leaving your mom alone, but she may not like being in an empty house. She might simply want to know someone is with her in case of an emergency.

If comfort is the main factor for hiring 24-hour home care, don't put it off. She shouldn't have to live in fear of being alone if there's a fire, if she heard a strange noise, or if the furnace stopped working. Her comfort is important.

When she's afraid of being alone, the fear can make it impossible to sleep. Sleep deprivation will impact your mom's mental and physical health. It also increases stress, and stress hormones increase the risk of inflammatory diseases like heart disease.

It's Time to Hire 24-Hour Home Care

When your mom isn't safe or comfortable being alone in the home all night, there's a solution that makes everyone happy. Hire 24-hour home care aides to provide support all day and all night. Your mom's never alone, and you do not have to sacrifice sleep to be awake and ready to help her.

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