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Promoting Exercise in Your Elderly Loved One

Do you find that your elderly loved one doesn’t get much exercise? If so, how do you feel about that? Does it make you worry about their mental and physical health? Do you wonder whether it will be off-balance with the things they eat, so they end up developing diabetes or a heart condition? Do you worry that your elderly loved one’s lack of exercise will increase their fall risk? These are all valid worries and concerns. With this being said, if your elderly loved one isn’t exercising or moving around enough, you may want to consider getting them home care services. There are numerous ways that these providers help the elderly to exercise more or increase their physical activity.

Talk About Healthy Aging

One of the things that home care providers will do to promote exercise in senior citizens is to talk to them about the benefits of regular physical activity. These providers can discuss how exercising regularly can benefit the heart, immune system, and other body parts and health aspects. They can also talk to your elderly loved one about some of the best exercises to do in the elderly years - flexibility, balance, muscle-strengthening, and endurance.

Setting Realistic Goals with an Exercise Plan

Another way that home care providers can benefit your elderly loved one’s health is to assist them in setting realistic goals with an exercise plan. For example, let’s say your elderly loved one wanted to lose 10 pounds…the home care providers could work with them to set up a goal that says they can realistically lose that amount of weight in 12 weeks. Then, the senior care providers can wor with your elderly loved one to create an exercise plan that helps them to get closer to and even achieve this goal.

Specific Exercise Plans

It is very important that senior citizens have specific exercise plans. Some of the things that will need to be a part of this plan include time for exercise, exercise intensity, frequency of the exercises, and the type of exercise your elderly loved one will be doing. After helping your elderly loved one to create these specific plans, they can keep following up with your loved one to ensure progress is being made. If it isn’t, changes can be made to various aspects of the plan.

Making Referrals

Home care providers can make referrals for your elderly loved one, too. For example, they may know of a local fitness club that gets together every weekend for senior citizens or older adults only. This may be something your elderly loved one is interested in doing.


Promoting exercise in senior citizens is vital. There are numerous studies that have been done to show how beneficial regular exercise is for the elderly. Now that you know this and you know how much home care providers can help your elderly loved one with creating and sticking to exercise plans, you can get these services set up sooner rather than later.


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