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24-Hour Home Care in Orange Park FL

The Keys to Successful 24-Hour Home Care Arrangements

Your mom has Alzheimer's and is at a point where she needs 24-hour home care services. What are the best ways to make sure these arrangements go well? Here are the keys to successful home care.

Talk to Her Medical Team

Schedule an appointment with your mom's medical team. You want to ask where she is and what your family needs to expect in the weeks and months to come. The more you know, the easier it is to arrange the care services your mom needs.

They may have tips on other things you can do to help your mom throughout the day and night. Routines are important, and that can be hard if you work and are only with her in the evening. With 24-hour home care aides available, it's easier to keep her on a schedule.

Build a List of Her Care Needs

Think about the things you do to help your mom all day and through the night. You need to be honest about the care she requires. When your mom gets up, does she need help with her shower, oral care, and grooming? Is she selecting and dressing in clothing that's appropriate for the weather?

Your mom shouldn't be driving anymore. So, who takes her to appointments? How often are people available to help her run errands, pick up groceries and refills, and get out of the home?

Does your mom still try to cook meals? Is she able to give input on what she wants to eat? Does she feed herself or do you have to cut items into bite-sized pieces for her to eat with her fingers?

Are any of the household chores completed by your mom? She may still be able to do little things like fold laundry, dust shelves, and feed the pets. Encourage her to help as much as she can.

Are there any times of the day that your mom gets agitated? This happens commonly with sundowning. Often, you'll find your mom is worse as the sun starts to set. Prepare in advance by having lights turned on in advance. Timers or voice-activated bulbs make this easy.

How are nightly routines? Is your mom hard to get to settle for the night? When you get her to bed, does she wake up just a few hours later? If she's only sleeping a few hours a night, which is common, are you getting enough sleep?

Gather the Family for a Discussion, and Make Sure Your Mom's Involved

As much as you can, involve your mom in the discussions regarding her need for round-the-clock care. She may not be aware of everything that's happening, but the more input she's able to give, the easier it is to understand what steps you can make to keep her as happy as possible.

After you've talked to her and others in the family, call a home care agency. Talk to the 24-hour home care specialist about pricing and scheduling.

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