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Companion Care at Home in Orange Park FL

Why is Companion Care Right for Your Elderly Loved One?

In-home care comes in a variety of forms to best suit your elderly loved one’s unique needs. Sometimes, it can be challenging to decide what's right for your elderly family members. There are a lot of things to take into consideration for your elderly loved one. It's easy to also feel fear about making the best decision and to worry about what could happen if you make the wrong choice. Pressure from other family members and the stress of still caring for your senior can also play a role in making the decision harder. This is exactly the reason why companion care at home can't come soon enough for both you and your senior.

What is Companion Care at Home?

Primarily emotional support and company for seniors who are quite healthy and who want to stay independent at home is an easy and simple way of defining companion care.

Senior companionship has many benefits for enriching their lives. It helps them to live a longer, healthier, fuller, and most importantly a happier life! Which overall improves their well-being greatly.

There is a variety of non-medical services available to them and they can also be customized to meet your elderly loved one’s specific needs as well. These services can include assistance with activities in daily living, medication reminders, grocery shopping, chores, completing errands, and even light housekeeping.

Companion Care Allows for Socialization

Having the opportunity to socialize and create and maintain friendships are important for your elderly loved one. Companion care at home allows seniors to do so, by allowing friends to be able to regularly visit, talk about challenges, express feelings, and much more. Also, your elderly loved one can learn new ways to take on daily tasks, problem solve. and find resources to support them in doing so. We all could use a little help sometimes from a friend, and that’s what companion care can provide for your elderly loved one.

Companion Care Heath Benefits

The pandemic of COVID-19 has been particularly devastating and hard on our elderly loved ones. It has isolated so many of our seniors and in result has decreased their socialization in paramount ways in order to stay safe.

While safety is crucial, it has also been discovered that social isolation is directly linked with higher risks of stroke, heart disease, dementia, and depression. This is the conclusion of what several studies have found.

Companion care at home, fortunately, allows seniors to have some sense of normalcy in these unnormal times. Bringing forward a better balance of dealing with the pandemic of COVID-19.

Your Elderly Loved One Isn’t Alone

According to a New AARP survey, data shows that 77% of adults aged 50 and over would like to stay in their houses long-term – a number that has stayed the same for over a decade. Which, as you can see, has become a popular choice for the majority of adults who desire and choose to live in the comfort of their own home through their golden years.

Through companion care, you can have your elderly loved one live at home maintaining independence. It can be properly supported, maintained, and have an overall positive impact for your elderly loved one.


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