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Personal Care at Home in Nocatee FL

What Are Your Senior’s Personal Care Needs After a Stroke?

Strike Out Strokes Month every May is about making sure that as many people as possible know about the risks of strokes, understand the symptoms of a stroke, and know how to prevent one. But if your senior has already had a stroke, it’s important that she has all of the assistance that she needs in order to recover. Your senior’s medical team helps with most of her concerns, and personal care at home can help with many other needs.

Dental Care

In the early stages of recovery from a stroke, your elderly family member may not have the muscle control to be able to brush her teeth or take care of her dentures. Using assistive devices for dental care is possible, but sometimes even those are not enough. Having personal care at home allows your aging family member to get the assistance that she needs to keep her mouth as healthy as possible.


Keeping herself clean and wearing clean clothing can also feel impossible after your senior has a stroke. Elder care providers can make bathing easier and more importantly, they can help your senior to be safe as she’s bathing and changing clothes. They can also help your senior to learn how to use assistive devices to make getting dressed and bathing easier as she regains her strength and muscle control.

Hair Grooming

Muscle control can also make hair grooming difficult for your elderly family member. Washing hair, drying it, and even brushing it are so much more complicated when your elderly family member doesn’t have the muscle control that she needs and wants. Home care providers are able to help with those tasks, keeping your senior’s hair clean and your senior comfortable.

Nail and Foot Care

Keeping your senior’s nails, both her fingernails and toenails, clean and trimmed is important for not only her comfort and health, but also for safety. Nails that are torn can become infected and when they’re too sharp, they can cause injuries to your senior’s feet and hands. Like other personal care tasks, your senior may need help in order to maintain her nails and ensure that she’s safe.

Assistance Eating

Another area in which personal care at home can be tremendously helpful for your senior is around eating. As she recovers from her stroke, your elderly family member may face a variety of challenges around being able to eat safely and easily on her own. To reduce frustration and to keep her from becoming malnourished, elder care providers can help her to eat safely and on a regular schedule.

All of these tasks are ones that your senior may have had no trouble with before her stroke. Depending on the type of stroke and how severe it was, your aging family member may have a longer recovery time than she expects. Personal care at home can be there with her every step of the way to make sure that your senior has the help that she needs to be as comfortable as possible while she recovers.

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