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What Can You Do to Support a Senior with Heart Disease?

A diagnosis of heart disease might be a jarring one for your senior, especially if she’s never had cardiovascular issues before. There’s a lot that you and your senior can do to make this easier for her to manage. These tips can help you to get started on a plan that covers most of what she may need.

Know What the Signs of Trouble Are

If you’re not already aware, make sure that you become familiar with signs of trouble for people with heart disease. Headaches, dizziness, and confusion are possible signs of blood pressure issues, for instance. Other problems to watch out for include:

  • pain or numbness, especially in the chest and shoulders
  • shortness of breath
  • nausea or vomiting
  • edema in the legs
  • consistent fatigue
  • trouble doing everyday activities suddenly

Talk with Her Doctor about a Care Plan

It’s also important that you understand what her doctor’s recommended care plan is for managing your senior’s heart disease. This can include dietary changes, becoming more physically active, and other lifestyle changes that your senior might not be excited about. These may not be negotiable, however, depending on what health issues your senior is facing.

Work with Your Senior to Build New Routines

The best way to adapt to the changes your senior may need to make is to come up with routines that support those changes. It’s not easy to give up habits that your elderly family member might have had for decades, though. Learning new ways of eating, moving more, and making changes like giving up smoking is easier with help.

Make Those Routines Easy to Manage

Reminders are a great way to keep your senior on target with her goals. In-home care providers can do a lot to help your elderly family member to remember what she needs to do and when. If she’s having more difficulty with those routines or with her health, home care providers can help you to stay aware of what’s going on, too.

Find Ways to Help Your Senior to Have the Social Outlets She Needs

Socialization is always important, but when your elderly family member is facing serious health issues, like heart disease, it’s more important than ever. Find ways to help your senior to socialize. Caregivers are a fantastic option for your elderly family member, especially if she finds it difficult to be out and about meeting new people in other settings.

Fill in Any Gaps in Her Care Plan Over Time

In-home care providers can also help you and your senior to notice where there are gaps in her care plan. As your senior’s needs change, she may need more help with personal care and activities of daily living, for instance. In-home care can help as those needs change.
Heart disease may be something that your elderly family member is living with for a very long time, so it’s important that she has a plan for making life simple and safe. The more closely she adheres to her doctor’s recommendations, the better she’ll likely feel.

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