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Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors

Thanksgiving is a unique time to spend with grandparents and other senior relatives you don't get to see very often, and it's an opportunity to deepen ties and create memories. With daily life's hustle and stress, finding time to sit, converse, and enjoy the company may be challenging. So, whenever you have a gathering, make the most of it. Thanksgiving is coming up, and it's crucial to find ways to get your senior feeling involved in the family. Here are some of the best ideas you or elder care can help your seniors do this fall.

Plan Out a Scavenger Hunt for Kids and Seniors

Print out turkey photos and place them about the house for this search. The visitors may work together to discover the turkey photographs, or they can do it alone. If you want to make it more difficult for your loved one, include a hint in the photographs instructing gamers to find a concealed object. A scavenger hunt is an exciting activity that challenges the mind. Your loved one may utilize critical thinking to locate the photos and other things. Finding fun ways to keep your seniors engaged in activities is crucial.

Host a Themed Dinner Game

When playing this game, participants must sit in a circle. "At Thanksgiving dinner, I shall eat (insert a holiday meal)," says one player to begin the game. The next person must repeat what the previous person stated while adding additional meals and foods. When a player forgets to bring a food item from the list, he or she is eliminated from the game. The individual who properly pronounces all of the dishes wins. This fun and hard game will help your loved one's memory.

Play Family Bingo

If you're not much of a bingo person, there may be a local event that elder care can help drive your senior to. This is a fun way to spend Thanksgiving. Instead of numbers, print up bingo cards with Thanksgiving-related sentiments on them. These statements will need to be called out as if they were numbers. This game will require your loved one to utilize his or her short and long-term memory and critical thinking abilities, which may help prevent mental health concerns such as dementia and Alzheimer's.

Create a Neighborhood Cook-Off

Everyone has a favorite holiday dish that everyone in the family enjoys. On Thanksgiving, organize a cook-off where guests compete to prepare the greatest dishes or sweets. Allow the non-cooks to be the judges and choose the greatest holiday-themed food. Cooking is a therapeutic activity for aging persons that may enhance self-confidence and reduce the risk of depression.

Engage Word Building

Consider a lengthy holiday phrase, such as Thanksgiving or cranberry. Once you've decided on a term, distribute pens and notepads to your loved one and the other participants. The participants must utilize that one word to make as many different words as possible. The guy who has the most words once the timer runs out wins. This activity stimulates the brain and fosters socializing, resulting in happy feelings.

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