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Why Your Senior Could Be Struggling With Migraines

Although migraines are more common in younger individuals, they may also afflict persons in their senior years, and many aging adults suffer from frequent or chronic migraines. If your senior continues to say they have headaches or migraines, it's time to look at their lifestyle and recommend small changes that may help. If you think stress is bothering your seniors, it's time to look for in-home care options that can ease some of the burden of living alone as a senior. Here are some things that may impact how a senior feels. If it becomes a huge problem, you should always encourage your senior to go to the doctor.

Seniors Should Try to Avoid Hypertension

Stroke survivors aren't the only elderly people who need to worry about high blood pressure. A known migraine trigger is the added strain on the head's blood vessels. People with significant hypertension are at risk for experiencing excruciating headache attacks. When that happens, pressure builds up in the skull and presses on the brain and sinuses.

Strong Odors Should Be Avoided, Including Perfumes

Too strong of odors might make you dizzy, faint, and give you a headache. Extremely strong odors have been linked to headaches in many elderly people. Migraines may be triggered by a wide variety of smells, not only perfumes but also cigarette smoke, strong cleaning chemicals, and incense. If you inhale the fumes from synthetic chemicals like varnish, lacquer, or paint, you will likely have an unfavorable reaction. Common migraine symptoms, such as light sensitivity and nausea, may be brought on by exposure to the most volatile compounds offered in hardware shops.

Loud Noises Should be Avoided

Migraines are a common side effect of exposure to loud noise for extended periods, and this is true for individuals of all ages. Damage to the eardrum and subsequent headaches may result from exposure to sounds higher than 120 dB. If an elderly person is going to be exposed to noises that are louder than 100 dB, it is recommended that they use earplugs.

Some Medications Can Have Bad Side Effects

A wide variety of medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, may trigger headaches and migraines. For instance, benzodiazepines like alprazolam and lorazepam have several negative effects, one of which is headaches. Anxiety and sadness are common indications for this class of drugs. Headaches may also be brought on by using painkillers like codeine or hydrocodone.

Processed Foods Should Be Avoided

Due to the high concentration of synthetic substances in processed meals, they are known to create a cascade of unfavorable responses in the human body. Aspartame, a prevalent artificial sweetener, may trigger mild to severe headaches in some people. Even coffee and energy drinks, which contain caffeine, may set off migraine attacks in some people. If your senior is struggling with cooking, they may turn to processed foods; this is something in-home care canĀ help with. In-home care might be able to go pick up fresh foods and help them meal prep every day. This allows your senior to limit processed foods and may help them avoid migraines in the future.

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