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24-Hour Home Care in Ponte Vedra FL

Home Remedies For Seniors With Insomnia

If your senior parent is suffering from insomnia they are not alone. Seniors have a much higher chance of developing insomnia, and the risk increases as they get older. Whether the cause is physical or mental not getting enough sleep can have a very bad impact on your parent’s health.

24-hour home care is one of the best solutions for seniors who are struggling with insomnia. When a senior has 24-hour home care they can rest more easily knowing they’re not alone. It can be lonely, sad, and anxiety-inducing for seniors to be all alone in their homes at night. Having a care provider there makes seniors feel more secure and less stressed so they can sleep more easily.

In addition to 24-hour home care seniors can try these recommended home remedies for insomnia to try and get some relief so they can sleep:

Lavender Baths

Lavender is a very gentle and soothing flower. Adding lavender buds or lavender essential oil to a warm bath can be very relaxing for seniors who are stressed at night. If you’re worried about adding bath oils or salts to the tube because they can make the tub slippery try a lavender bath tea. A large sachet, like a tea bag, attaches to the faucet and water runs over it to dispense the soothing smell of lavender. No actual lavender goes into the tub and there’s nothing to slip on. Bath teas are usually a safer option for seniors.


Seniors who are experiencing short-term insomnia because they are struggling with a loss like losing a partner or a sibling may get some relief from journaling. Journaling can also help seniors who are struggling with anxiety or depression. Writing out all of their fears and anxiety before they try to sleep can relieve them of those worries and help them sleep more easily. Writing out three pages of stream of consciousness thoughts in the morning at and at night can make a dramatic change in how well your senior parent sleeps at night.


Meditation has been proven to help people who are struggling with insomnia. There are many CDs, smart phone apps, and streaming guided meditations that can help seniors learn how to meditate and guide them through meditative breathing at night. Your senior parent may even find that meditation can help with other issues like depression or anxiety.


Daily exercise can be a game changer for seniors that are experiencing insomnia. Just walking 30-40 minutes each day can make seniors sleep better and sleep longer at night. After just a week or two of daily walks your senior loved one should start to notice that they are getting tired earlier at night and that they are having an easier time falling asleep. Walking has a whole list of benefits, and getting better sleep is one of the big ones.

Just make sure that your senior loved one is not exercising later than about 7 P.M. Seniors who exercise in the evening may find that they are actually more awake by bedtime. Exercising in the early to midmorning is usually best.

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