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Companion Care at Home in Middleburg FL

Steps Families Can Take To Fight Loneliness In Seniors

Even though aging in place can be the best option for many seniors, there are still some concerns about seniors living alone at home. There is a greater chance that seniors will become lonely and socially isolated when they are living at home. According to the CDC poor socialization and loneliness can increase the chances that will develop chronic health problems. It also can increase the risks of heart attacks and strokes in seniors.

Luckily there are lots of ways that seniors and their families can make sure that seniors are being social and getting quality time with friends and family. A few great steps that seniors and families can take to prevent loneliness and isolation in seniors are:

Companion Care At Home

Companion care at home is ideal for seniors. When seniors have companion care at home a companion will come to the house on a regular schedule and spend time with your senior parent. With their companion your senior parent may go shopping, get their hair and nails done, go see a movie, go out to lunch, watch movies, or play board games. The regular social interaction is fantastic for seniors of all ages. When you can’t spend a lot of time with your senior loved one during the week, companion care at home can keep your senior parent from getting lonely.

Volunteer Work

Volunteering is a great way for seniors to get out of the house and spend time with people. It also gives seniors a sense of purpose and gives them a chance to share a lifetime of skills with others. Many seniors find it rewarding to volunteer for groups that work with kids. But volunteering to walk dogs or socialize puppies and kittens for an animal rescue is also something that seniors find fulfilling. Talk to your senior parent to find out what type of volunteer work they might be interested in doing.

Book And Craft Clubs

Book clubs, quilting clubs, painting groups, and other arts and crafts related clubs are also options for seniors. Check with the senior center in your area to find out what groups they have for seniors to join. There are usually a lot of options that seniors can pick and choose from. Some groups also meet online which makes them a great option for seniors who don’t drive and don’t have easy transportation or seniors who have mobility challenges.

Walking Groups

Walking groups for seniors offer social interaction and also give¬†them the chance to get out of the house and get some physical exercise. Since most seniors don’t get enough physical activity, joining a walking group is a fantastic idea for seniors. Senior walking groups choose easy trails that are local or at least within a short distance that seniors can safely walk on and are paced to allow seniors to safely stroll. If your senior parent loves being outside and could benefit from more physical activity a walking group might be perfect for them. Companion care at home providers can accompany your senior, along with a walking guide, to ensure their safety.


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