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Alzheimer's Disease

  • Personal Care at Home For Seniors With Alzheimer's Taking care of a senior parent with Alzheimer’s can be tough, especially when it comes to personal care. If your senior loved one doesn’t recognize you or doesn’t understand what you’re trying to do when helping them get dressed, shower, or shave, they can become very ... Continue Reading
  • How Do Vision Changes Affect Someone with Dementia? There are a lot of different issues that affect your senior as she grows older. She might expect vision changes, but when vision changes are combined with other issues, like dementia , those changes might be more pronounced than you realize. Dementia Involves Changes in ... Continue Reading
  • Tips for Handling an Early-Onset Alzheimer's Diagnosis Over 5 million adults in the U.S. have Alzheimer's disease. Within the next 30 years, that number is expected to almost triple. Most people do not experience symptoms until well after their 60s, but there's another form of Alzheimer's known as early-onset Alzheimer's where ... Continue Reading