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  • Promoting Exercise in Your Elderly Loved One Do you find that your elderly loved one doesn’t get much exercise? If so, how do you feel about that? Does it make you worry about their mental and physical health? Do you wonder whether it will be off-balance with the things they eat, so they end up developing diabetes or a ... Continue Reading
  • Motivation Tips To Get Your Senior Moving More One of the things that doctors tell seniors most often is that they need to move more. There is a huge set of benefits that seniors get from being more active. Better mobility, better mental health, lower risk of major diseases, and better sleep are just a handful of the ... Continue Reading
  • Could a Sense of Purpose Keep Your Dad More Active? Since retirement, your dad's hobbies and activities have continued to decline. He used to head out to the golf course at least once per week, but it's been months since he's gone. He sits at home and watches TV all day. His doctor said he needs to exercise to help improve ... Continue Reading
  • What Can Your Senior Do about Arthritis Pain? Every person experiences arthritis differently, of course, and that also means that different solutions are helpful for some people. Unfortunately, that means your elderly family member is going to have to go through a lot of trial and error as she learns what works for her ... Continue Reading
  • Celebrate National Dance Week with your Parent April 16-25, 2021, is National Dance Week. The National Dance Foundation has set aside this week for people to share their love of dance with kindness, inclusion, and community. Dancing has many benefits, not only physically, but also mentally and socially. Even if your ... Continue Reading