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  • Could Your Senior Have Thyroid Disease? The thyroid is located in the neck just below where the Adam’s apple is located. It’s a small glad that is part of the endocrine system, which is responsible for maintaining many of your parent’s body’s activities. It plays a huge part in metabolism, which when it’s not at ... Continue Reading
  • Can You Tell if Your Elderly Loved One is Distressed? Many people become distressed when there is too much going on in their life or even in this world. With the COVID-19 pandemic happening, your elderly loved one might be feeling quite distressed. It is important that you know the symptoms of distress. This way, you can better ... Continue Reading
  • Managing Incontinence When Your Senior Has Dementia It’s difficult dealing with something like incontinence, but when you factor in other health issues, like dementia, everything gets that much more difficult to manage. Depending on the severity of your senior’s dementia, you both may be getting frustrated with the things you ... Continue Reading