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Healthy Habits

  • Facts to Think About During Better Breakfast Month Go back to the 1950s to find the start of Better Breakfast Month. As people shifted away from hearty breakfasts of the past, the Cereal Institute hoped to bring it back. Why eat breakfast? There are several reasons this is an important meal for your senior. Here are a few ... Continue Reading
  • Motivation Tips To Get Your Senior Moving More One of the things that doctors tell seniors most often is that they need to move more. There is a huge set of benefits that seniors get from being more active. Better mobility, better mental health, lower risk of major diseases, and better sleep are just a handful of the ... Continue Reading
  • How Can Drinking Milk Regularly Help Your Elderly Loved One? Many people don’t realize the importance of drinking milk regularly. Yes, most people do know that it can make their bones stronger. However, milk can provide many more benefits than just stronger bones. If you are helping to care for your elderly loved one, learning more ... Continue Reading
  • Tips to Keep a Senior Citizen’s Stress at a Minimum If your elderly loved one is constantly becoming stressed over one thing or another, it's important to take steps to reduce their worry. There have been many research studies done throughout the years to show which strategies work the best to lower stress levels. Your ... Continue Reading
  • Nutrition and Your Senior: How to Ensure They Eat Well Eating well is a problem for millions of seniors. Seniors have a higher risk than other demographic groups of not getting enough to eat and being malnourished. Even seniors who have resources can become malnourished. Some of the reasons why senior don’t eat enough or don’t ... Continue Reading
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