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Senior Care

  • Why Should Your Senior Take a Senior Driving Course? Safe driving courses are always a good idea for drivers, but there are ones designed specifically for aging adults to brush up their driving skills. Your senior can benefit in some really big ways from taking one of these classes, but she might be reluctant to commit to ... Continue Reading
  • Is There Anything You Can Do to Avoid a Big Health Issue for Your Senior? No matter what health issues your senior is facing, there might be a possibility that she’s at risk of experiencing bigger problems. That can be really frightening for both of you and you might think there’s nothing you can do to avoid those worst-case scenarios. But there ... Continue Reading
  • What Are the Benefits of Chair Yoga for Seniors? When you think about yoga, you think of bending in unusual positions or sitting with your feet on top of your thighs. Chair yoga involves the benefits of yoga but from a safe, seated position that suits older adults with balance or mobility issues. Chair yoga is a safe way ... Continue Reading