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Rates and Service Areas in Jacksonville, FL

Flexibility is what you want and Griswold Home Care is able to refer caregivers to provide flexible home care services to clients and their families. If you are looking for just a few of hours of home care per day for a break or respite, or looking for 24/7 live in care for you or your loved one with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or a disability, we can provide the answer.

When you call, we will come to you at no charge to learn your needs for service and the amount of care you or your loved one wants. review our fully transparent information, and discuss what options you have to pay for in-home care including Long Term Care insurance or VA benefits. Please see our rate information and service areas below.

We refer professional caregivers who are fully screened and have independently obtained training to provide care ranging from cooking, running errands, and providing companionship to providing non-medical assistance to those seniors with Alzheimer’s & Dementia and adults with disabilities neuromuscular conditions, post-surgery recovery and rehabilitation. We can also refer a caregiver to provide a break or respite for family members serving as primary caregivers.

Most seniors feel more comfortable and safe in their own home. We refer caregivers matched to allow seniors to stay independent and continue to live with as little or as much assistance as needed. Three of the biggest factors that prevent seniors from remaining independent are forgetting to take necessary medications, forgetting or neglecting to eat properly, and living alone with risk of falling and injuring themselves. we can refer caregivers who are trained to help seniors work through these problems and remain happy, safe, and independent in their own homes.


Please contact the office with questions regarding other service options.

Hourly (4 hour minimum):

Average Caregiver
Market Rate*
Office Fee  $6.00/hour
LTC Admin Fee $0.54/hour
Total Cost of Care* $18.54/hour

10 Hour Overnight w/Sleep:

Average Caregiver
Market Rate*
Office Fee  $35.00
LTC Admin Fee $4.65
Total Cost of Care* $159.65

24 Hour Extended Stay:

Average Caregiver
Market Rate*
Office Fee  $42.50
LTC Admin Fee $6.68
Total Cost of Care* $229.18

This office serves the following cities and towns: Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Saint Johns, Fruit Cove, St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach

We also serve the following zip codes: 32082, 32256, 32223, 32258, 32259, 32081, 32095, 32092, 32084, 32033, 32086, 32145, 32204, 32202, 32277, 32226, 32225, 32233, 32211, 32225, 32207, 32216, 32246, 32266, 32224, 32250

Nurse Registry Number: 30211607

*Griswold Home Care does not set caregiver rates. You will negotiate those rates with your caregiver after you engage him or her. As general information, however, market studies conducted in our community reveal the average rate that caregivers typically charge. Our office fee would be added to your caregiver rate to determine the total cost of care to you.

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