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Home Care Resources in Jacksonville, FL

Griswold Home Care of Jacksonville is working to refer caregivers to help provide seniors in our community with the flexibility and quality of life to remain as active as they can and wish to be. There are many opportunities to enjoy the Jacksonville and St. Augustine communities of Florida.

Jacksonville and St. Augustine offer a wide range of fun and exciting activities that many seniors or adults with disabilities are either unaware of or unable to take advantage of because of limited mobility, trouble with driving, fear of going out alone, or no access to transportation. We can refer caregivers who can help seniors experience life and enjoy the highest quality of life that they can. Retirement should be fun! Let us refer caregivers to assist you in enjoying your local community.

Seniors should be able to enjoy the vast array of activities that the First Coast has to offer. If you want to visit the zoo, a museum, go to a movie, go to church, go out to dinner, or any other activity or adventure that you may enjoy, we can refer caregivers who would love to attend these with you and provide you and your family the peace that you will be safe and looked after.

If you prefer to stay home and watch a movie, play cards, watch TV, or any other home activity, we can also refer caregivers who would love to experience these with you. The key is that you are in control. We want to help you achieve the retirement life that you dreamed you would have.

Nurse Registry Number: 30211607

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