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Home Care in Lake Lanier Area and Suwanee, GA

Quality, Affordable In-Home Care In Your Community

Meet Sam Grass, Director of your local Griswold Home Care Lanier office serving Alpharetta, Buford and Suwanee. Sam joined the NE office of Griswold Home Care as a partner in 2006 with 20+ years in the group benefit, managed care and LTC arena. Most recently, integrating healthcare solutions for USI Administrators and CBCA, a large group benefit provider, has provided Sam with a unique insight into coordination of care as it translates into the home care arena and the value of facilitating a seamless transition from care in a facility to the home.

Sam’s primary responsibilities include market development by striving to provide the right care at the right time for the lowest cost.  Sam views seniors as being our greatest national treasure and seeks to honor seniors through his efforts in client relations.

Our Lanier team has provided high quality, affordable home care and companionship services to literally thousands of seniors and disabled adults over the past 20 years, serving North Fulton and Forsyth Counties. Whether it’s dressing, bathing, meals, laundry, or simply a trip to the mall or to church, the exceptional Caregivers whom we refer are committed not just to your loved one’s comfort and safety, but also to improving the quality of life.

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