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4 Facts You May Not Have Realized About Being a Family Caregiver

Family Caregivers in Upper West Side NY

Senior Woman With Adult DaughterOften family caregivers aren’t sure what they’re getting into when they first start caring for an elderly loved one. The caregiving situation could have come about suddenly as a result of an accident or acute illness or it might have happened so gradually that the caregiver didn’t even notice at first. Regardless, there are some facts about caregiving that might come as a surprise to a new family caregiver.

It Can Be Physically Demanding

Depending on your loved one’s health conditions, you may need to help him a lot with getting into and out of bed or chairs. He may also have significant mobility issues that require him to use a wheelchair or other assistive device. Even if your loved one is mobile, you may be spending long hours dividing your time amongst your career, your loved one, and your other responsibilities. That can mean losing sleep, which can take a lot out of you.

It Can Be Emotionally Demanding

Sometimes your loved one is physically fine, but may be experiencing Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. These types of ailments bring their own challenges, often emotional in nature. It’s tough to watch your loved one go through these changes, especially when there isn’t anything that you can do for him. Your emotional well-being takes a beating, and it’s challenging to keep yourself going.

It Can Be Frustrating

Often family caregivers have to deal with logistics that don’t cooperate, health that is failing, and other problems that make life difficult. Even if you have help from wonderful home care providers, you can still experience stress and everything that comes along with it. Managing that frustration is key to you being a successful family caregiver.

It Can Be One of the Best Experiences of Your Life

Something else that is often overlooked is that taking care of your elderly loved one and being there for him when he needs extra help can be one of the most fulfilling things you can do for someone that you love. Even through sleepless nights and difficult days, you’re able to be there. Those are memories that you’ll be able to cherish for many years to come.

No matter what your caregiving experience brings your way, you’re performing a wonderful service for your elderly loved one. Even the best intentioned family caregivers can find that taking on the responsibility has overwhelmed them. Consider bringing in a referred caregiver to help ease the strain on your life, and for the benefit of your senior loved one as well.


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