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How Older Adults Can Begin Exercising Like a Pro

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Group of Seniors Exercising Exercise programs are important for people of all ages. Not only can physical activities help you shed unwanted pounds, but it can also build strength, agility, and energy, while also boosting your mood. Older adults with medical problems can also manage their conditions by incorporating exercise into their daily routines.

As important as being fit is, many seniors have not done exercise for most of their adult life. It could have something to do with a lack of mobility, pain in their joints or muscles, or having no energy. Whatever the reason, it is never too late to begin a fitness program. If your loved one is just beginning to exercise, encourage them to talk to their doctor in order to make sure it is ok that they participate in these activities. A referred caregiver can also help provide encouragement and companionship while the elder begins exercising. To help your parent get started, here are some exercising tips that are sure to help.

  • Aerobics. Aerobic activities can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, burn calories, improve heart health, and give the elder extra energy. Encourage the elder to begin with 5 minute cardio sessions in order to increase their heartrate. From there, they can increase their endurance a little bit at a time, until they have reached 30 minute sessions.
  • Strength training. Another excellent exercise program is strength training. It can strengthen numerous muscle groups, help older adults lose weight, and feel overall healthier and happier. Squats are one type of exercise that can be done to increase muscle mass.
  • Balance. Millions of seniors suffer from fall-related injuries each year. To help reduce your loved one’s risk of heading to the emergency room, balance exercises are perfect. Yoga is one type of low impact workout that will help boost your loved one’s flexibility and balance.
  • Stretching. If your loved one constantly feels as though their muscles are getting too tight or have pain in their muscles, stretching can help.
  • Keep it low impact. Exercising does not always have to be of the high impact variety in order to be effective. These types of activities are perfect for those seniors with limited mobility or other physical ailments.

Whether your aging parent is a frequent exerciser or has not participated in a fitness program a day in their life, there is still time for them to reach their fitness goals. Encourage your loved one to try these exercise programs in order to boost their physical and emotional health.


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