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How Can You Tell If Your Elderly Loved One Needs Extra Help?

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Woman Looking at Food in a FridgeFamily caregivers often find that they’re in a position of being afraid to offer too much help and not wanting to help too little, either. It’s a delicate balance, but there are clues you can watch for.

Sneak a Peek at the Fridge and Pantry

One of the better signs that your loved one needs some extra help involves food. Is she eating enough? Is she eating the right foods? Are her foods expired? The next time that you visit, sneak a look into the fridge and the pantry. This can help give you an idea of whether your loved one is relying on pre-packaged foods or lots of fruits and vegetables. From there, you can take steps to work out the best options.

Check for Burnt out Light Bulbs

When a bulb burns out, it’s usually not a big deal to replace it. But if your elderly loved one is dealing with too many other problems and situations, a burnt-out bulb may just be one of the issues that she doesn’t feel like messing with. The reason this can be a clue is that it is normally such a simple fix and if your loved one is avoiding this, there might be other issues elsewhere.

Is There a Tower of Papers Anywhere?

Another common sign that your loved one needs some assistance is that towers of paper start forming everywhere. These might be made up of newspapers and magazines, books and other reading material, or even unopened mail and bills. This can indicate problems elsewhere, such as financial issues, so it’s important to do a little bit more investigation.

Open a Conversation

When you do suspect that there’s an issue, don’t jump in right away with both feet. Gently and lovingly open a conversation with your elderly loved one. “I noticed that there were a lot of frozen convenience meals in your freezer. Could I cook you some meals that we can package up and put in your freezer?” Moving slowly and offering help can take some of the sting away from the conversation and leave your loved one a little more receptive.

Once you know for sure, you can start implementing solutions ranging from taking a more hands-on approach with your loved one’s care to bringing in a referred caregiver, depending on her needs.

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