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Is Your Elderly Loved One Stressed Out? Try Some of These Techniques

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Woman MeditatingYour loved one might experience stress for a variety of reasons from worrying about her health to feeling concerned about other family members. Regardless of what is causing the stress, your loved one needs to find ways to get rid of it.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are an easy way for anyone to get a little bit of stress relief. They’re particularly good for your elderly loved one because they don’t require any special equipment or training and your loved one can do these anywhere at any time. All your loved one needs to do is take several deep breaths, concentrating only on breathing in fully and completely exhaling.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise has been a staple of stress relief for a long time. it’s so effective because it helps to free up your brain and it works your muscles, getting oxygen and blood to every part of the body. Always work with your loved one’s doctor to come up with an exercise plan that is just right for her and her current health level.


If your loved one doesn’t socialize much anymore, it’s worth it to figure out why. It could be that her friends aren’t as able to get out and about or they may have moved away. Your loved one might feel self-conscious about spending time with friends or there could be a number of other issues. If your loved one isn’t willing to get out and meet new people, try starting slowly with referred caregivers coming by to offer companionship and try additional ideas after that.


Massage is an excellent form of stress relief because it helps to work your loved one’s muscles and she can relax the entire time. Massage helps to move blood and other fluids through your loved one’s system. The emotional and physical benefits are massive. It’s also something that you can do with each other.


Most people think of meditation as something extremely complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Really all you or your loved one needs to do is to sit quietly and focus on clearing your mind. To do that, simply shut down thoughts when they pop up. After some practice, your loved one will find that it’s easier than she thought and it gives her clarity at other times of her day.

Your loved one might find that a mix of these techniques works the best.

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