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Are You and Your Elderly Loved One Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle as Much as You Could?

Elderly woman and younger woman cooking

Elderly Care in Yorkville NY: Are You and Your Elderly Loved One Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle as Much as You Could?

Your elderly loved one’s choice to adopt a healthier lifestyle can do a lot to improve her quality of life. But are you doing as much as you can to keep yourself healthy, too? Try some of these ideas.

Plan out Healthy Meals and Menus

When you’re just grabbing what sounds good when you’re hungry, you’re not likely to be eating the best foods. Your loved one is likely to be in the same situation, too. Instead, make it a habit to plan out healthy meals for each day and then shop according to that plan. Don’t forget healthy snack options, too.

Use TV Time to Exercise a Bit

After you and your loved one visit your respective doctors to determine that it’s safe for you to exercise, look for little ways to add exercise to your day. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use the time that you’re already doing something you enjoy, such as watching television, to exercise. Gentle stretching and other exercises are perfect for commercial breaks. You might even try walking in place during the show itself, resting during the commercials.

Get Some Sleep, Even if That Means Taking a Nap

Many people don’t realize that sleep is just as important as eating right and exercise are for keeping you healthy. Working out how to get more sleep can be complicated, especially if you feel that you can’t get to bed earlier or wake up earlier than you already do. Start adding a half hour or so nap to your day and see if that helps you to get a little more sleep.

Take Your Doctor’s Advice

As important as it is for your elderly loved one to take her doctor’s advice, it’s equally important for you to do the same. If you haven’t been to your doctor in a while, you need to take the time to go. Make sure that your loved one has someone with her, whether that’s another family member or referred caregivers, and then take charge of your health.

Making a plan for living healthier is an excellent start. If you can stick with your plan, you’re going to see some great results.

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