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National Mediterranean Diet Month: Four Reasons This Diet Is Great for Aging Parents

Mediterranean diet pyramid

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May is National Mediterranean Diet month. The Mediterranean diet promotes consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables along with grains and beans as a main dietary component. Fish, seafood, eggs, and poultry are the meats the diet focuses on but in small amounts. Wine are also allowed in small amounts. In terms of fats, olive oil is the key focus. The Mediterranean diet avoids beef, lamb, and other red meats.

Multiple Health Benefits

Consider the Mediterranean diet because of the many health benefits. According to studies posted by the National Institutes of Health, people relying on a Mediterranean diet have lower rates of death by cancer, certain forms of dementia, and heart disease. It’s a good diet for both you and your parent to follow.

Gardens Make It Easy

The vegetables and fruits that the Mediterranean diet rely on are easy for the elderly to grow. Crops like spinach, tomatoes, green beans, parsley, and lettuce grow well in gardens designed for seniors. You can help your parent set up a raised bed or grow the plants in patio planters. Not only will your parent save money by growing his or her own vegetables, but it also gives everyone a chance to get outside and enjoy time in the sun together.

There’s No Menu Plan to Follow

The Mediterranean diet is one of the easier diets to follow. Instead of planning intricate recipes for your parent, yourself, or a referred caregiver to use, you simply cook meals that are higher in vegetables and grains and lower in red meats. A glass of wine, preferably red, is fine in moderation. Your parent still gets to eat a lot of the foods he or she already enjoys.

Eating Out is Not a Problem

Does your parent love to go out to eat with you every now and then? With the Mediterranean diet, it’s easy to find a suitable restaurant. Italian or Greek restaurants are good options, but restaurants serving farm-to-table foods, seafood, vegetarian meals, and Asian cuisine also work well if you stick to meals that focus on chicken, seafood, and plenty of vegetables.

Incorporating the Mediterranean diet into your and your parent’s daily routines isn’t challenging. With the addition of a senior-friendly vegetable garden and a few fresh herbs, you have the majority of the foods available. Your mom or dad’s referred caregiver will easily be able to incorporate these items into menu planning and meal preparation services, too.


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