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Posts from 2021

  • The Dangers of Hoarding Many of us have lots of stuff and as we age, we tend to gather even more. It can be hard to let it go. Occasionally the need to hold onto our stuff develops into a mental health condition called compulsive hoarding. Compulsive hoarding is the excessive and compulsive ... Continue Reading
  • Five Ways You Can Recognize Malnutrition in Your Aging Adult Before you can solve any problems that your senior has around eating, you need to be able to recognize them first. That’s easier to do when you know some of the signs that she might show that point to malnutrition. She’s Sick More Often Your senior’s body uses food as fuel ... Continue Reading
  • Could Light Therapy Help Your Mother? Some people get depressed in the winter. Perhaps it’s fewer daylight hours, perhaps the cold contributes. Winter depression is called “seasonal affective disorder” or SAD, for short. Back in the 1980s, science discovered that light boxes, which employed numerous bright light ... Continue Reading
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