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Aging in Place

  • 4 Things Seniors Can Do To Avoid Falls At Home Aging in place has a lot of benefits for seniors, but they still need to be very careful when it comes to avoiding falls. Every year millions of seniors fall in their homes, and some of those falls be very serious. There are some things that seniors can do to lower their ... Continue Reading
  • Do You Have Questions About Elder Care? Elder care services are designed to help your dad maintain his independence while aging. How much do you know about this essential service? It's time to find out more about all that elder care offers to older adults. What Does Elder Care Help With? What can elder care aides ... Continue Reading
  • Six Factors to Consider if Your Senior Is Planning to Age in Place If your elderly family member has expressed a desire to age in place for as long as possible, you might want to talk with her about some of the factors that can determine if that’s truly a good fit for her or now. This list is just a hint of what you might want to dig deeper ... Continue Reading
  • What Is The Goal of In-Home Care for Aging Adults? You've heard about in-home care, but you're not sure how it works. Start by taking a closer look at the services and how they help aging adults who want to remain in their homes. In-Home Care Helps With Light Housekeeping Your mom can dust, but her vacuum is a bit bulky and ... Continue Reading