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Depression & Mental Health

  • How to Help Your Senior Parent Deal with Depression It is not uncommon to sometimes feel sad or blue. These feelings can sometimes last for days at a time. This may happen due to any unfortunate event in life like job loss, break up, or death of a loved one. At these blue times life seems to be more monochromic and grey where ... Continue Reading
  • Elder Care can Help Fight Depression and Isolation in Seniors When your aging parent is struggling with depression or isolation, it can be really tough to know how to help, especially when you live distantly or are busy with other obligations. Fortunately, there are ways to help support older adults when they are living with depression ... Continue Reading
  • Does it Seem Like Your Elderly Loved One is Depressed? Here are Signs to Watch For. As you may know, depression can be tough to overcome. You may have experienced some depression yourself at certain times in your life. Maybe you are even experiencing depression now. With that being said, you may know some of the symptoms of depression. However, it is ... Continue Reading