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Elderly Care

  • The Dangers of Hoarding Many of us have lots of stuff and as we age, we tend to gather even more. It can be hard to let it go. Occasionally the need to hold onto our stuff develops into a mental health condition called compulsive hoarding. Compulsive hoarding is the excessive and compulsive ... Continue Reading
  • Know the Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer Colorectal cancer is a term used to include cancer that started in either the colon or the rectum. Individuals over the age of 50 have a higher risk of developing this cancer than younger people, so it’s important for you and your parent to recognize the symptoms in case ... Continue Reading
  • Does it Seem Like Your Elderly Loved One is Depressed? Here are Signs to Watch For. As you may know, depression can be tough to overcome. You may have experienced some depression yourself at certain times in your life. Maybe you are even experiencing depression now. With that being said, you may know some of the symptoms of depression. However, it is ... Continue Reading
  • Why is Walking a Great Form of Exercise for Older Adults? You've heard that your parents should aim for half an hour of exercise a day. Walking seems to be the form of exercise that their doctors recommend the most. Why is walking so good for older adults? Walking Lets the Mind Wander One of the benefits of walking is that while ... Continue Reading
  • How Owning a Dog Can Make Your Parent Healthier Does your older family member own a dog? If not, you may want to consider assisting them to adopt one. There have been multiple studies over the years indicating that people who have dogs tend to be healthier and may even live longer than those who don’t own dogs. Recent ... Continue Reading
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