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  • Tips for Encouraging Senior Citizens to Be Active Is your elderly loved one becoming sedentary? The truth is that senior citizens need to continue staying active. They don’t have to run marathons or anything that intense. However, elderly people should be active for at least a little while every day. Doing so can help to ... Continue Reading
  • Don't Let Knee Pain Keep Your Mom From Staying Active Several things can cause knee pain in older adults. Your mom's knees are stiff, and she has a harder time with mobility when she stands up after sitting for a while or getting out of a car. Osteoarthritis may be the problem. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of ... Continue Reading
  • Why is Walking a Great Form of Exercise for Older Adults? You've heard that your parents should aim for half an hour of exercise a day. Walking seems to be the form of exercise that their doctors recommend the most. Why is walking so good for older adults? Walking Lets the Mind Wander One of the benefits of walking is that while ... Continue Reading