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  • The Dangers of Hoarding Many of us have lots of stuff and as we age, we tend to gather even more. It can be hard to let it go. Occasionally the need to hold onto our stuff develops into a mental health condition called compulsive hoarding. Compulsive hoarding is the excessive and compulsive ... Continue Reading
  • Is Your Senior Frailer than You Realized? Frailty can sneak up on your senior and on you. This is especially true if you don’t live near your senior and suddenly realize that she’s lost mobility, muscle tone, and more. Talking with your elderly family member’s doctor about what she’s experiencing can help you to put ... Continue Reading
  • Stair Lifts vs. Elevators: Which Is Best After a Stroke? Moving your mom from her home isn't ideal. She doesn't want to move, but her house isn't on one level. Yet, her doctors and physical therapists all agree that she's going to need a wheelchair for the rest of her life. You're torn. You don't want to stress or upset your mom, ... Continue Reading