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Healthy Habits

  • Simple Ways to Boost Heart Health It is common knowledge that seniors encounter several age-related health conditions, including heart disease. On the other hand, seniors may minimize their risk by making the correct lifestyle choices. Everything from eating right to exercising will help boost a senior's ... Continue Reading
  • What Can You Do to Help Your Senior to Manage Stress? Lots of people believe that aging adults don’t experience stress after retirement. The reality is that stress is a big part of life for anyone, including your elderly family member. The big thing is to figure out how to help your elderly family member to deal with the stress ... Continue Reading
  • Learn More About Hydration for Your Senior As the weather warms up and days are longer and sunnier, it's easy for older adults to end up experiencing dehydration. They get outside to enjoy the warmth of the sun and lose track of time. Your mom's experiencing UTIs and her doctor says she's not drinking enough water ... Continue Reading