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  • The Importance of Being Honest with Yourself in Your Family Caregiver Role Home Care in Queens, NY Honesty is something that matters in all relationships, and it is likely you expect honesty from everyone you engage with, including your elderly parents. When it comes to your caregiving responsibilities, however, you may be failing to extend this ... Continue Reading
  • Activities for Parents With Alzheimer’s Home Care Services in Manhattan NY: Activities for Parents with Alzheimer’s Quality of life. How one defines this is unique to every person and every circumstance. For those with a form of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s, quality of life can revolve around maintaining an ... Continue Reading
  • How Older Adults Can Begin Exercising Like a Pro Home Care in Manhattan NY Exercise programs are important for people of all ages. Not only can physical activities help you shed unwanted pounds, but it can also build strength, agility, and energy, while also boosting your mood. Older adults with medical problems can also ... Continue Reading
  • 6 Signs That Your Loved One With Copd Is Overexerting During Exercise Home Care in Gramercy NY When a loved one has COPD , exercise can do a tremendous amount of good. Overexertion, on the other hand, can be too much. It’s important that you both understand what your loved one’s individual signs of overexertion are. Unusual Shortness of Breath ... Continue Reading
  • Fighting Boredom: Keeping Seniors Entertained With Arts and Crafts Home Care in Manhattan NY When providing elder care, it is easy to get lost in the day to day routine of taking care of physical needs. To improve the quality of life for seniors their mental and emotional needs should not be overlooked. For many seniors, the loss of ... Continue Reading