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In-Home Care

  • What Does Respite Care Do for Seniors? Family caregivers often believe that they are alone in their caregiving journey. Some even believe that if they don’t do everything on their own that they’re bad caregivers. But taking regular respite time with the help of in-home care providers can do a lot for both seniors ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Ways Your Senior Can Cope with High Blood Pressure High blood pressure is common enough that just about everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with this illness. What you might not be aware of is how high blood pressure can contribute to health issues like strokes, heart disease, and even chronic kidney disease. ... Continue Reading
  • What Is The Goal of In-Home Care for Aging Adults? You've heard about in-home care, but you're not sure how it works. Start by taking a closer look at the services and how they help aging adults who want to remain in their homes. In-Home Care Helps With Light Housekeeping Your mom can dust, but her vacuum is a bit bulky and ... Continue Reading
  • In-Home Care Helps Seniors Take Care Of Pets Having pets can make seniors much happier and it can improve their health, too. Many seniors find that having pets gives them a sense of purpose and pets bring a lot of joy into their lives. Studies show that pets can be very beneficial for seniors. But as your senior parent ... Continue Reading