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Senior Care

  • Stair Lifts vs. Elevators: Which Is Best After a Stroke? Moving your mom from her home isn't ideal. She doesn't want to move, but her house isn't on one level. Yet, her doctors and physical therapists all agree that she's going to need a wheelchair for the rest of her life. You're torn. You don't want to stress or upset your mom, ... Continue Reading
  • Are Your Parents Overlooking Their Safety While Living at Home? Living out the rest of your life in the community you love is not a surprising goal. Staying in a home that you've designed and upgraded to meet your needs is also understandable. As your parents follow through on their wish to age at home, are they overlooking their safety? ... Continue Reading
  • How Can You Tell If Your Elderly Loved One Needs Extra Help? Senior Care in Gramercy NY Family caregivers often find that they’re in a position of being afraid to offer too much help and not wanting to help too little, either. It’s a delicate balance, but there are clues you can watch for. Sneak a Peek at the Fridge and Pantry One of ... Continue Reading