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Senior Home Care

  • 4 Things Seniors Can Do To Avoid Falls At Home Aging in place has a lot of benefits for seniors, but they still need to be very careful when it comes to avoiding falls. Every year millions of seniors fall in their homes, and some of those falls be very serious. There are some things that seniors can do to lower their ... Continue Reading
  • Small Pets That Might Suit Your Senior Dogs dramatically enhance the quality of life for several elderly by offering comfort and companionship. Elderly isolation is a serious problem in the United States, and emotional support animals may assist combat it. Caring for an animal companion may also give elderly a ... Continue Reading
  • Who’s On Your Mom’s Support Team? After her cancer diagnosis, your mom starts treatments immediately. You’re supporting her as much as you can, but you can’t stop working. You can’t afford to go without an income for the next few months. At moments like these, your mom needs a strong support team. Who should ... Continue Reading
  • What Does Your Senior Need to Know about Low Vision? Every February is Low Vision Awareness Month, which makes it a great time to check in with your senior about whether she’s noticed any changes in her vision. If she hasn’t been to her eye doctor in a while, now is a perfect time to make an appointment. Low Vision Defined Low ... Continue Reading
  • Creative Activities to Maintain a Healthy Mind Focusing on brain health can be crucial for seniors, even if they may not know it. This is something that senior home care can focus on and something the whole family can encourage. No matter what age you are, taking care of your brain is crucial. It may be something a ... Continue Reading