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Your Home Care Referral Team in Medina-Wayne-Western Stark, Ohio

Hello, I am Renato Maiorana, owner and operator of your local Griswold Home Care office. For very personal reasons, I have extensive experience within the home care industry.  Two very serious family health issues were life changing experiences that also made it clear to me that most families are totally unprepared and more often totally overwhelmed when faced with similar situations.

Hospitals are too quick to discharge patients when their family support system is at their most vulnerable point and not always ready for the next step. In our situation, our family was just trying to deal emotionally with the illnesses of our loved ones.  I was in disbelief when I was handed a list, from a social worker, to select care. Personally, I didn’t have a plan in place.

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to refer caregivers to help senior citizens everyday. We have referred caregivers who have truly given families their lives back by providing services that allow families to spend quality time together.

At Griswold Home Care, we understand that it takes a very special type of person to be a caregiver, and provide the variety of services and personal support required of a home care provider. Therefore, only the most highly qualified, compassionate and capable caregivers are able to be listed on our registry. We use an extremely comprehensive screening process which screens our 95% of all applicants.

Our office referral team consists of Bobbi, Jennifer and Michele, all of whom were caregivers before coming to work with us.

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