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Home Care in Metro Detroit, MI

My name is Mary Jane Gorman and I am proud to be a part of the Griswold Home Care family since 2008 as the owner of the Metro Detroit office. I was raised in Cleveland Heights Ohio. As the oldest daughter in a family of 8 children, I learned about caring, security and dignity at an early age. It was through watching my parent’s example that I knew about commitment, hard work, contentment and a God-centered life. I was taught to give more than I took, to be honest, trustworthy and to work for what I wanted. My large family provided me with much fun and laughter, a fair amount of mischief and a sense of responsibility for myself and others.

These life lessons have allowed me to be successful in marriage, to raise three amazing daughters who have provided me with four astounding grandchildren, to enjoy a life that has been filled with blessings and trials and to have been allowed to spend over 20 years in service to the elderly and to hospice.

When my mother came to the end of her life and decided on hospice care, we were privileged to have our first encounter with Griswold Home Care. My mom’s Griswold-referred caregiver gave to her what my mom had given to us all of her life: loving care, security and dignity. I learned that this caregiver wasn’t an exception; she was what Griswold Home Care stood for, and I wanted to be a part of that.

With our personal experience foremost in our minds, I, my daughter Megan and my husband Jim are committed to referring caregivers for other families with the same compassionate care that we received. We promise to treat our clients with honesty and integrity and to respect the wishes of those clients and families that we are privileged to serve.

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