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4 Tips for Getting Organized with the Help of Home Care Services

Home Care Services in Needham, MA – A In-Home Caregiver Can Assist Your Loved One with Creating a Safer, More Organized Home Environment

The beginning of the year offers millions of people around the world an opportunity to reset their life. The get a chance to start fresh, with a clean slate, and getting organized is one way to put yourself on the right path for the rest of the year and possibly the rest of your life. For an elderly person, they may acknowledge the fact that they could use help in the organizational aspect of their life.

While there are many ways to get organized, sometimes doing so is beyond one’s individual capabilities. In that case, an in-home caregiver may actually be beneficial and can do a lot to help them.

Below are some tips that can come in handy when you, the family caregiver, assist your loved one with organizing their home.

  1. Develop a filing system.
    There are probably plenty of bills, medical records, and other paperwork that just gets stuffed in a folder or in a box. Maybe the kitchen table is cluttered with pages and pages of documents, newspapers, coupons, and much more.

    The first step is to develop a filing system. Separate everything into the appropriate category. For example, there may be medical information, financial records, bills (which can be a little different than financial records), coupons, contact information, etc.
  2. Declutter the house.
    Once you have those papers divided into separate piles, go through the house and look around with your loved one and determine what items may be cluttering up any given room. This should be done before you start to file papers into a more refined system.

    When you declutter the house you may find other folders and papers that could be important.

    Another reason why decluttering the house now is important is because you could find some valuable space in which to place a filing cabinet. And, clear floors and walkways make it safer for seniors to get around their homes without risking a dangerous trip and fall.
  3. Organize the paperwork into various file drawers.
    Using a file cabinet or basic file system, rely on hanging folders and divide the paperwork you have into the least common denominator. If that means you have 50 pages of medical records and documents and need 25 folders for them all, then use 25 folders. It will make finding information that much easier and quicker.
  4. Finally, go through every item that has been removed from any room and determine which ones can be sold, given away, or thrown out.
    This can help the elderly individual feel much better about their organization and their outlook on the coming year.

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