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Creative Elder Care: Fun Activities to Try during National Anti-Boredom Month

Elder Care in Natick, MA

If you are a parent you are probably accustomed hearing the phrase, “I’m bored!” multiple times a day, particularly in the summertime when there is no school to keep your children occupied during the day and the hot weather has reduced their attention span and tolerance to the minimum. As a caregiver for your aging parents, however, the concept of boredom may become even more serious in your life. The reduced social interaction, physical challenges, and lack of driving that are common with aging often result in your parents living essentially the same day over and over again. Not only is this type of boredom tedious and unexciting for your parents, it can also be damaging to their emotional and mental health, and even their physical health.

Stimulation and activity are essential for keeping the mind flexible, active, and strong. Boredom can lead to depression, increased memory loss, stress, and loss of motivation that can hasten physical deterioration. Finding ways to keep your aging parents engaged and involved helps them stay stronger, healthier, and happier. This July, celebrate National Anti-Boredom Month by making enjoying fun activities with your seniors part of your elder care routine.

Try these creative activities to improve your seniors’ quality of life by banishing boredom from their lives. Consider sharing some of them with their elderly caregiver so they can integrate ideas into their routine with your parents:

  • Send secret messages. Have you ever found an inspirational quote or friendly note scribbled on a dollar bill or left on a receipt? These messages can be meaningful and even completely change your day. Stave off your parents’ boredom by creating your own personal message campaign. Purchase simple stationary or plain business cards and get to work writing out favorite quotes, mood-boosting messages, encouraging thoughts, thought-provoking questions, or even deep secrets you have never shared on each. If you do not want to write your own messages, look in bookstores or inspirational stores for pre-made cards with quotes and inspirational messages. Once you have your stash of messages, head to the local library or bookstore and start tucking them into random books. Make sure they are small enough that you do not notice the note when the book is closed.
  • Go on a treasure hunt. Combine technology and adventure with this geocaching. This amazing global activity uses map coordinates and GPS technology to lead participants on hunts throughout an area. Several sites provide lists of locations and the coordinates so you can plug them into your phone and head out in search of treasure waiting there. You will usually find a small box containing a little note or a trinket. Take what is there and leave something behind for the next treasure hunter to discover.
  • Virtual bubble wrap popping. Everyone loves a good session of popping bubble wrap, but it seems fairly wasteful to purchase a roll of bubble wrap just for the fun of it. Instead, head over to the Virtual Bubble Wrap website and pop to your heart’s content. Challenge your seniors to rounds on the timer mode or put it on Manic and pop as much as you want.

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