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Clean Up, Clean Out, and Start the New Season Off Right

Elderly Care in Newton, MA – Start Spring On a Clean and Organized Note!

The start of spring – it’s a great opportunity to become more organized at home. This is true for anyone, including those who may require some form of elder care. More daylight and warmer temperatures can serve as motivation for seniors to go through boxes, clean up rooms, and , even though they might need assistance from an experienced elderly non-medical in-home care provider.

During winter across much of the country, the tendency is to keep windows closed because of the cold air outside. The longer winter drags on, the colder it is without any warm-up, the more likely that dust, dirt, and simply stale air will build within the house over all of that time. When the weather finally turns warm, people have a tendency to open their doors, throw open the windows, but they might not clean thoroughly from top to bottom. That means dust, bacteria, and allergens and other pollutants can become airborne, leading to potential health problems.

For any senior who relies on home care for the elderly, they have a great opportunity to take advantage of this time and clean their house from top to bottom. The senior may not be able to physically climb up on a stepladder, wipe down ceiling fans, window trim, or even the trim over doorways, but there are probably many things they can do, with the right level of assistance.

Family caregivers and non-medical home care providers can offer encouragement for the senior who is able to do some of the cleaning, tidying or organizing themselves.

Here are a few tips on where to start and how to focus your cleaning effort.

1. Always work from top down. Dust with a damp cloth or rag and always start from the top of each room and work your way down. Any time you kick up dust or other pollutants, they will generally drift downward. Start in the corners by the wall and ceiling, work over towards the window moldings, ceiling fans, and continue working down.

2. Go through dresser drawers. The senior may be relatively neat, but it’s a good idea to go through dresser drawers and begin thinning out the winter clothing for the season. This can be stored somewhere else to make it easier for the elderly individual to find the right clothing for this time of year.

3. Clean out the refrigerator. There could be leftovers from Thanksgiving still tucked in the back corner if it hasn’t been cleaned out in a while. Making sure your elderly loved one doesn’t have potentially dangerous spoiled food available to them is an important safety measure.

For anyone relying on elder care, spring offers a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the weather once again. It’s also a great opportunity to clean and start the new season on a healthy note.

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