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Senior Care Tools: Kitchen Gadgets That Make Life Safer and Easier for Your Aging Parents

Senior Care in Framingham, MA

Elderly woman preparing foodEncouraging your elderly parents to maintain as much independence as possible while also protecting their health and safety should be the primary goal of your senior care plan. By recognizing challenges and potential hazards your seniors face on a daily basis, you can accomplish this goal by making modifications and offering alternatives that help them fulfill their needs independently and safely. One of the most dangerous rooms in the house for many seniors is the kitchen. This room contains sharp implements such as knives and blades, requires dexterity for opening and closing cabinets and doors, and usually has a floor that is quite slippery, particularly when wet.

By replacing some traditional tools with special gadgets and adding other items to the kitchen you can make this room a safer, healthier, and more accessible place for your elderly loved ones. This ensures they can use the space safely and independently, and makes kitchen tasks simpler for you and for your parents’ non-medical home care aide.

Try some of these kitchen gadgets to make life safe and easier for your seniors:

  • Rubber floor mats. Similar to those used behind bars and on restaurant kitchen floors, rubber floor mats adhere firmly to the kitchen floor with water-resistant adhesive and provide traction. This helps prevent falls when walking across the floor, especially if it is wet. Position these mats near the sink and dishwasher, or create a path throughout the entire room with them.
  • Choppers. Using a knife becomes more dangerous for elderly adults with arthritis, loss of strength in their hands, tremors, or other mobility issues. There are a variety of choppers available that make it easier to cut fruits, vegetables, cheese, eggs, and other foods without putting your seniors at risk of cuts. These choppers feature guarded blades and slip-free hand grips that allow seniors to simply press down to create consistent cuts.
  • Levers. Knobs can be difficult for seniors to use, and may result in falls if your seniors try to use them and lose their grip. Replacing knobs and pulls on cabinets and drawers with levers provider more grip so it is easier to hang on firmly and pull.
  • Individual-size blender. Fruit and vegetable smoothies are a great way to keep your elderly parents cool during the summer while giving them fantastic nutrition. Making them in a large blender, however, can be dangerous. Individual-size blenders are small and lightweight, eliminating the need to haul out a bulky traditional blender. They also feature one-touch blending so all your seniors have to do is push the top of the blender until the drink is smooth. Because the blade is embedded in the base of the blender, your seniors do not have to remove it, protecting them from potential cuts.
  • Ergonomic can opener. Opening a can of food is challenging using a traditional can opener, and the blade leaves a sharp edge on the top that can cause very serious cuts. Ergonomic can openers fit along the side of the can rather than the top and feature an easy-grip handle that turns easily. The top comes off with a smooth edge and lifts away from the can using a grip feature on the opener, eliminating dusty lids from falling into the food.

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